Are you struggling with your relationship? 

Working on any issue through counselling starts to build trust. We all know that relationships require work but many people don’t know where to begin, the longer it’s left the more difficult it is to start and those issues remain unresolved.

Whether you are struggling with communication, commitment, trust or other issues I am here to help you with your relationships, opening up a chance to move on into the future without carrying yesterday’s burdens.

I have a wealth of experience to share with you and tools and techniques that will help you through into the future, bringing some peace into your life. clients often say after the first session ‘I feel so much relief, I wish I’d come sooner.

Now is the time to start to enjoy life instead of waiting for life to happen to you, its time to take control , move on, find the missing link, mend the broken connection, see what can be salvaged and where to go from there.

where do you want to be in a years time?

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