How many sessions will I need?   

A review of how you feel the counselling is going for you is usually carried out after 3 weeks. If you feel we are working well together, the process becomes open ended, with periodic reviews. There are no set amount of sessions, as long or as short as you feel is right for you.

Can I have a longer than just one hour? 

Yes, absolutely let me know and we will arrange it.

Is it okay to return to counselling after a long period of time? 

Yes, definitely you can return at any time.

Can I start face to face counselling when lockdown is finished? 

Yes, you will be very welcome to come to my counselling room once it’s safe to do so.

Can I carry on with Zoom after lockdown is finished?  

Yes, no problem at all.

Can I come for counselling without my partner knowing?  

Confidentiality is paramount in counselling. You can certainly have counselling on your own if that is what your prefer