A secret about your therapist

Your therapist doesn’t just hold you in mind for the hour you sit in front of them. They research topics related to your case outside of sessions, spend time doing notes and planning your next session and they hold you in mind between sessions. When something reminds them of you, they think about you. they may take your case to supervision to make sure they’re providing you with the best they can offer.

1. Hour of Counselling for individual clients £55

1. Hour of Counselling for 2 people


I work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Appointments usually last 1 hour

Longer can be negotiated

Appointments are available from 9 am until the last appointment at 7.30pm

Payment is requested 24 hours before the appointment via bank transfer.

Now is the time to make an appointment

I offer a free 15 minute chat on the phone if that is something you would like.


phone 07583 370 398

Here are some testimonials from former clients, printed with their permission while remaining anonymous.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say for all the help and support you have given us over the past months. We are truly grateful and I am so thankful that i found you that evening in November. You are a lovely and wise lady and i will miss our talks but i know that we are on our road together again to continue our journey. 

We came for counselling sessions a while ago now. I don’t know if you will remember but we were going through a pretty tough time then. We are much happier than ever now. We both want to thank you so so much for what you did for us. We would highly recommend you to anyone in our position. 

After 25 years of marriage and turning 50 our lives took an unexpected turn. without the help of counselling I don’t think we’d have got through it. To be give the guidance to listen and talk openly and honestly about our lives ad where we’d come to, to each other. Counselling helped us realise how much we meant to each other and that we could find happiness together again- so we’d just had a blip. Counselling helped us learn together how to get past this and move on as a couple. Re-building our lives is going to be fun- counselling taught us this.

“Hi Joan, thank you so much for the support you have given my son. He is a lot more content and has found the work you have done with him around managing his anger and emotions really beneficial, particularly at school. Thank you very much.

“Joan is a wonderful person. We came to her in need of help, to get through a really tough patch and to find ourselves again. She helped us to do that in the most amazing way. They didn’t feel like counselling sessions but more like talking to a friend. 
Someone who wasn’t one sided and understood where we were both coming from. We would highly recommend Joan as she has helped us get back on track and look forward together as husband and wife. Talking about your problems or differences the hardest part, but it is much easier when you can speak to Joan about it too…”

“Joan has helped me to become more confident and assertive, without losing the essential ” me”. Our sessions felt like a collaboration – working together to find the techniques that were helpful. Joan creates a welcoming environment that facilitates talking through difficult issues without any fear of judgment or embarrassment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Joan’s service.”

“You have helped me to become stronger and realise what being “me” is all about again and I feel much more happy, confident and determined. I realise that I had been just making others happy and in turn was not really addressing what makes me happy!!! Thank you for your guidance and advice.” 

“Joan is friendly and easy to talk to. Joan gave us the breathing space we needed. She helped us to find the right path to allow us to heal and get our lives back on track.”

“Joan is compassionate, insightful, patient and knowledgeable. she made me feel comfortable to talk to. and work through my issues at my pace.
Joan has taught me techniques to deal with life more mindfully and her advice and support has greatly improved my outlook for the future.
I highly recommend Joan to anyone looking for help.”

“Things here are much better (thanks to you), if we’ve a problem we discuss it not bottle it up . You’ve helped so much and helped me realise that what I wanted has always been stood in front of me.”