it is strange time to be writing about physical touch, with many restrictions on who or what you can touch at the moment, each person is interpreting the guidelines as they understand them. Are you missing that physical touch more than ever, no hugs or shaking of hands, touching elbows just isn’t the same.

Were you hugged as a child? Hugging is important for babies and children it is reassuring to them that they are important and they feel safe and soothed. If, like me, you were not hugged very much as a child, this can be a difficult area, we need to learn how to show affection by physical touch, take a bit of a risk that were doing the right thing, touching in the way that expresses our true feelings toward the recipient of our attention. it is also important the recipient feels comfortable with the way we are touching them.

We often interpret physical touch as sex, sex is very important in a relationship but if the only time you touch your partner is when you want or are having sex and your partners love language is physical touch they will soon feel very short changed. A touch as you are passing in the kitchen, a kiss as you leave the house, sitting together in the evening, are all forms of physical touch that can let your partner know in a very natural way you love them.

Love is a very important, it is considered to be a primary human need, helping us to function both physically and emotionally. Gary Chapman who wrote the Book The 5 Love Languages, often refers to us having a love tank and it is true we operate best when our love tank is full, meeting each others physical needs is important but without love we have nothing.

How full is your love tank today?

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