I have mentioned the 5 love languages by Barry Chapman. I would like to post a brief thought on each language and how life can better if we are aware of how we show and receive these ways of communicating with people and how they may receive demonstrations of love or respect shown to them.

words of Affirmation

How much do You like a compliment, a word saying well done or thank you?

Possibly you brush it off and pretend not to be touched by it but then you play that special ‘Affirmation’ in your head later on, does it boost you?

What about if it is your partner who says something appreciative or loving when you least expect it?

Words are very important, we can use them to build up or tear down.

Let us use them to build up the self esteem of those we come into contact with. Start to become aware of saying words of affirmation to others especially those you live with.

If this is your partners love language ( the way they feel loved and special) you will see a change in your relationship.

How good are you at saying kind, appreciative comments? Or like me do you think the kind thought but it doesn’t always come out of your mouth. click like below if that’s you.

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