It all starts so well, totally into each other, exciting, on the same page, nothing can stop us now.

So what happens to love after a while?

We may not feel loved, we may think our partner has lost interest in us. Most of my couple clients are wanting to feel loved and often their partners are convinced they are showing their love in many ways but it is going unappreciated, not even acknowledged by the person it is directed to. This causes both to retreat.

Life gets busy, couples stop communicating with each other on anything sensitive or intimate as they don’t feel their partner is listening or even cares. Life can become hum drum, predictable and loveless, sometimes uncomfortable atmospheres at home cause the couple to seek more time apart and slowly the love that started so well begins to die, how sad.

A man called Gary Chapman wrote a book called The 5 love languages explaining how we have different priority of needs from our partner and different ways of meeting any perceived needs in our partner, he calls these love languages. There are 5 love languages in all, not to many to get your head around.

Words of affirmation, Receiving Gifts, Quality time, Acts of service and Physical touch.

If you recognise your relationship in the description above, do something about it before it is too late, 102007 coupes got divorced in 2017, please don’t let your relationship be a sad statistic for 2020. Buy Gary’s book and read it. Make an appointment to see an experienced relationship counsellor. Many people are deeply hurt and confused when a marriage breaks down not just the couple themselves, their children, parents, Grandparents and friends. It also costs a lot of money to divorce and for life afterwards especially if there are children to support, there are solicitors fees and possible court fees, finding a second home for one of the partners, the list could go on. Get help before your relationship gets to this stage.
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